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2-1. Board Membership

The MRDC Commanders/Directors will be responsible for the management and oversight of the demo project. The Personnel Management Board (PMB) members, Chairperson, and staff will be appointed by the Commander, MRDC. The Personnel Demonstration Project Manager, the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, and the LQIP Program Coordinator will have permanent membership on the PMB and will serve as advisors/consultants. The establishment of the Board will not affect the authority of any management official in the exercise of their management rights.

2-2. Responsibilities

The PMB will provide oversight, policy, guidelines, corrective action, and evaluation as subordinate activity Commanders/Directors execute the following:

  1. Formulate and execute the civilian pay budget;
  2. Determine the composition of pay-for-performance pay pools;
  3. Administer funds allocation to pay pool managers;
  4. Determine hiring and promotion salaries as well as exceptions to pay-for-performance salary increases;
  5. Provide guidance to pay pool managers;
  6. Manage the award pool distribution;
  7. Select participants for the Expanded Developmental Opportunities Program, long term training, and any special developmental assignments;
  8. Adhere to guidelines concerning the promotion of employees into salary ranges designated "high grades";
  9. Ensure in-house budget neutrality to include tracking of average salaries, full time equivalency (FTEs), etc.;
  10. Contact the Personnel Demonstration Project Manager for problem resolution, recommending changes in policy/procedure, etc., and;
  11. Ensure that all employees are treated in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with all policies, regulations, and guidelines covering this demonstration project.

2-3. Method of Operation

It is understood by the MRDC's management officials, Personnel Demonstration Project Manager, the EEO Officer, and the LQIP Coordinator that the PMB will operate on a consensus basis where consensus is defined basically as agreement by all parties involved in any Board decision or action. Consensus occurs only after deliberation and discussion of pros and cons of the issues, and when all (not a majority) of the members are in agreement. Each member of the PMB must be satisfied as to the ultimate course of action to be taken. Likewise, every member of the PMB will have access to the same information on any issue brought before the PMB. However, in the absence of a consensus, a majority will rule.