G-1. Performance Objectives. Performance objectives are recorded on the form at Attachment 1. Both the supervisor and the employee should keep updated copies of the current performance objectives.

G-2. In-Progress Reviews Documentation. Performance conferences held during the rating period should be documented on the reverse side of the form at Attachment 1. If adequate space is not provided on this form, an additional page may be attached.

G-3. Performance Appraisals. Annual or special performance appraisals will be prepared using the form at Attachment 2. The rater uses the generic performance elements, the mutually developed performance objectives, the employee's position description, information contained in performance conferences, and the employee-provided accomplishments, comparing them with the point ranges and performance element benchmarks (see Appendix I). Generic levels of achievement are provided at Appendix I for four levels of achievement: 100%, 70%, 50%, and Unsatisfactory. These levels are used by raters as a guide in determining the rating to be assigned on the performance appraisal form. For example, assume the weight assigned to the Technical Competence performance element is 30. A rater would select a number from the column headed by 30 in Appendix I that is within the span for the level of achievement at which the rater sees the person performing. That means if the employee's performance is at the full 70% level, then the rater selects 21 as the rating. If the person is performing slightly under the benchmark performance standard, the rater may choose 20 or 19. This process is repeated for each rated performance element, the ratings are totaled, and the rater assigns the overall rating of A, B, C, or F according to the total rating points awarded. See Figure G-1.

G-4. Distribution of Completed Appraisals: Copies of completed appraisals should be distributed as follows:

  1. Annual appraisals. Completed annual appraisals should be reproduced in an original and two copies: the original going to the employee, one copy retained by the supervisor, and one copy submitted to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)to be forwarded to Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) for filing in Official Personnel File (OPF). Performance appraisals are retained for four years.
  2. Special appraisals. Special appraisals should be completed in an original and two copies: the original going to the employee; one copy submitted to the supervisor of record to be attached to the annual appraisal: and one retained by the supervisor who completed the special appraisal. Special appraisals do not go to the CPAC/CPOC when completed. They are attached to annual appraisals at the end of the rating period.

G-5. Corrections to Appraisals. Discrepancies in appraisals should be corrected as soon as possible after they are discovered. Discrepancies can result from causes such as regulatory errors; from grievances, appeals, or other complaint procedures. Corrective action should include the following:

  1. Preparation of a corrected performance appraisal using the form at Attachment 2, to include initials of the supervisor and indication in appropriate block under "Type of Rating".
  2. Destruction of official copies of the erroneous performance appraisal.
  3. Appropriate distribution of the corrected appraisal.
  4. Correction to personnel actions which were based on the erroneous overall performance rating.

G-6. Performance Appraisal Certifications. To ensure performance appraisals are completed in a timely manner, the following procedures will be used:

  1. Performance appraisals for all employees in each pay pool will be submitted to the pay pool manager no later than 30 days following the end of the rating period. (e.g., rating period ends 30 June - appraisals to be completed by 30 July.) Performance pay increases, bonuses, and awards will be submitted by the pay pool managers. Awards will be submitted to the CPAC/CPOC for processing.
  2. Pay pool managers will submit within 45 days after the rating cycle ends a memorandum to the Commanders/Directors certifying that performance appraisals have been completed.

Figure G-1. How to Complete a Performance Appraisal