Sample Notification of Probationary and Trial Period

REPLY TO: Director, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

SUBJECT: Completion Of Probation/Trial Period

( ) Mr. John G. Doe will complete his/her initial probationary/trial period of up to 3 years in his/her new position on                         .

( ) Mr. John G. Doe will complete his/her additional one year probationary period upon initial assignment to a supervisory position on                         .

As this individual's supervisor, you must certify whether conduct/performance are at a level to warrant retention of this person in his/her current position. You may do so by checking the appropriate block below; providing your signature and the date on the form; and returning it to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center within two weeks from the date of this transmission.

FROM: Supervisor

I have held a counseling session with this probationary/trial employee/supervisor. My decision is summarized below:

  1. Successful performance:(please check one)

    ( ) employee is successful in all elements of job performance and conduct and should be retained in his/her present position; or

    ( ) supervisor is successful in all supervisory/managerial elements of the position and should be retained.

  2. Unsuccessful performance:

    ( )employee's job performance and/or conduct is not satisfactory

    ( )Recommended Action:

Supervisor Signature     Date