Federal Registers

Federal Registers

Federal Register, Volume 79, No. 144 (PDF 698 KB)
Dated July 28, 2014, subject: to implement DHA for Veteran and Bachelor candidates and to implement SSTM (DB-5).

Federal Register, Volume 78, No. 97 (PDF 262 KB)
Dated May 20, 2013, amendment (extended probationary period).

Federal Register, Volume 63, No. 41 (PDF 580 KB)
Dated March 3, 1998, final FR.


Minor Modification of STRL Personnel Demonstration Project Flexibility (PDF 136 KB)
Date of Implementation: 05 Jan 2022. Documents the previous approval from CPMS to expand the DJ-03 pay band to encompass GS-grades/salary GS-11 thru GS-13 and restrict the DJ-04 pay band to GS-14 equivalent. This modification applies to only the 1102 series.

Notice of Minor Modification - Occupational Series Update (PDF 210 KB)
Date of Implementation: 28 Nov 2022. Update the occupational series list to include those series currently used and to reflect the adjustments by changes to OPM's classification standards.