Where will the money come from if a PPP candidate is selected for a vacancy and the PPP candidate has a retained salary that is higher than the top of the payband where the vacancy exists?

Rules concerning the allocation of salary dollars have not changed under the DEMO. The activity will be responsible for funding the higher salary rate of the employee on retained pay.

Are there exceptions when the PPP must be cleared at the target grade equivalency in the payband?

In accordance with current PPP policy, positions covered by a formal training program are requisitioned/cleared at the entry level of the payband and must include the "TRA" option code that designates the position as a Trainee. All other positions are requisitioned/cleared at the top of the payband.

Can an occupational series be changed on position review in addition to payband?

Justification for these changes will be submitted to the Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis based on facts presented in the justification.

Are position reviews/desk audits still applicable under the DEMO system?

Yes, position reviews are still utilized under the DEMO system to move an employee non-competitively from one payband to another provided the justification substantiates the request.

What are specialty codes?

Specialty codes are statements, in paragraph form provided by management, that describe the area of concentration of a particular position. The specialty codes identify the unique characteristics of the position to include the knowledge and skills required to perform the special functions of the position. Specialty codes are not required to identify the basic information that is inherent on the Job Description Cover Sheet (e.g., occupational title, occupational series). Specialty codes are not grade-determinative and are not necessarily occupational series-specific.

Is there a limit on the number of specialty codes that are assigned to a position description?

Not every position requires a specialty code. The number of specialty codes should not exceed 5. Typically, positions can be fully described by utilizing 1-3 specialty codes.

What is the WEBSITE address for the Specialty Code Database?

The WEBSITE address for the Specialty Code Database is: https://mrdc-pdp.health.mil/index.cfm?p=specialty_codes.