What makes the DEMO job descriptions specific?

The DEMO job descriptions consist of two basic parts, the Benchmark Job Description (which is a broad, generic statement of duties and responsibilities) and the Job Description Cover Sheet. It is the Job Description Cover Sheet that contains the specific information about the particular job, such as the unique skills required to perform the duties of the position, the title of the position, the occupational series of the position, and the organizational location of the position.

What can the employee appeal under the occupational family?

The accuracy of the occupational series assigned to a particular occupational family is pre-designated in the Federal Register, and as such, is not something to which an employee can appeal. An employee can only appeal the occupational family to which they are assigned if they are erroneously assigned to an inappropriate occupational family.

When does an "F" performer not receive the general increase?

The employee who is maintaining an "F" rating at the time of the general increase will not receive the general increase.

How are Pay Pool Managers selected?

The current guidance states that Pay Pool Managers are appointed by the activity Command/Director.

What will the percentage be for the pay pool?

The percentage for FY99 has been determined by each organization and the workforce has been notified. The percentage for future years will be reviewed on an annual basis.

What are the paypool compositions and how are they going to be established?

The paypool compositions have been established by organization and the notification has gone out to the workforce.