Describe the system for removing an employee during the probationary period.

An employee on probation will be terminated upon failure to demonstrate proper conduct, technical competency, and/or adequate contribution for continued employment. When a decision is made to terminate an employee during the probationary period, management will provide written notification to the employee stating the reasons for separation and the effective date of the action. Information in the notice regarding the reason for termination will, as a minimum, consist of the manager's conclusions on inadequacies of performance or conduct.

Can share values change from year to year?

Yes, the value of a share will change from year to year depending upon the amount of money in the pay pool, and the ratings of the employees in that pay pool.

Are objectives written only at the expected level (e.g., the satisfactory level under the TAPES system)?

Yes, objectives are to be written at the expected level. Performance objectives are to deal with expected results.

Can the performance payouts be determined if less than 100% of all the ratings have been turned in?

No. The PFP formula requires that all performance appraisal ratings be submitted in a timely manner. In addition, the Commanding General, USAMRDC has stated there can be no exceptions to the timely submission of performance appraisal ratings.

What ensures that management does not dictate a distribution of ratings?

Guidance has been provided to all Commanders/Directors that a forced distribution is prohibited. All employees are to be rated on an individual basis against their performance elements/objectives.

How can you determine what previous ratings (other than DEMO ratings) equate to under the DEMO system for purposes of RIF?

In accordance with the Federal Register, page 10448, Pattern E in Summary Level Chart in 5 CFR 430.208 (d) (1) should be utilized to compare non-DEMO ratings with current DEMO PFP system.

What is the guidance on archiving performance appraisal forms?

The guidance on archiving performance appraisal forms has not changed under the DEMO system. The last three performance ratings will be maintained in the employee's Official Personnel File (OPF).

Describe the probationary period under the DEMO.

Under the DEMO, the length of probationary periods for newly appointed Engineers and Scientists Occupational Family will be 3 years. The probationary period for new hires in all other Occupational Families will be 2 years. For employees being assigned to an initial supervisory position in all Occupational Families, the requirement is to complete an additional year of probation.

How do you account for changes in responsibilities that occur during the rating cycle?

Performance objectives can be changed/modified throughout the rating cycle. The employee cannot receive a rating under the adjusted objectives unless they have served under the adjusted objectives for a minimum of 60 days prior to the end of the rating cycle (30 JUN).