Help for PDP Online Training Program for Managers/Supervisors

Here you will find instructions for using this web site. If you have further questions regarding the PDP Training Program, please contact the Personnel Demonstration Project Office, at 301-619-7261.


Anyone is permitted to register and audit the material in this program. Managers/supervisors in the USAMRDC who have not been trained will be directed to register and complete the course.

If you are using the site for the first time, register by clicking "New User" in the menu on the left. Fill out the online form as instructed, and you will be issued an account. You may use this account to log on to the system in the future.

Unless you are auditing, when you register an email will be sent to the CPAC office informing them of your registration and your suspense for completion. The suspense for completion is set to 45 days. A copy of this email will be sent to your manager/supervisor.

Completing the Course

To complete a chapter, you may read the material online by clicking on the appropriate chapter title on the menu to the left. Alternatively, you may download the chapter in Word format and print a hard copy. Once you have read the material, take the Self Review at the end of each online chapter.

Browse each chapter online by clicking "Back" or "Next" at the top or bottom of each page. When you finish the last page of the chapter, click "Self Review" at the top of bottom of the page to enter take the test. Once you have taken a specific Self Review, you may return to the Self Review from any page in the chapter by clicking "Self Review" at the top of bottom of the page.

The Self Review is a series of True-False questions. To answer a question, select the button next to your answer. You are on your honor to answer each question honestly from memory. When you have answered all the questions, press "Submit Test" at the bottom of the page. Your test results will immediately appear. For each question, the correct answer will appear, as well as a link to the section of text that deals with this concept. If you did not score 100%, you are given the option to clear your answers and retake the test.

When you complete a chapter, a checkbox will appear next to that chapter in the main menu. In order to complete the course, you must score a 100% in the Self-Review at the end of every chapter.